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Standard 2-day tuna trip

This trip can span over two days and even into a third. For example: If we are planning a Standard trip for the upcoming weekend, our departure time from the dock would be between 6PM and midnight on Saturday night. The exact departure time is determined by 2 things: first - the distance necessary to travel and second - your captain's preference of departure time. At any rate, we plan to have you on the tuna grounds by daylight on Sunday morning. Sunday is a long day, and with just a bit of tuna luck (and skill from you of course) a very enriching one. After a full day of fishing, usually just about dusk, we'll begin our trek back to Westport. Generally, people are somewhat pooped out (and sometimes downright exhausted) after an action-packed day and they just enjoy a relaxing supper before heading for their bunks. Our distance from home will determine our arrival time back in Westport. It could be 2 or 3 AM on Monday morning if we left the tuna grounds at dark from 60 miles out. Don't worry about getting up at 3AM and heading home. You can sleep on the boat once we've returned to the dock and at our leisure after daylight we'll get you squared away with your fish. Typically it might be 7 or 8 AM on Monday when you are all packed up and back on the road toward your home. (With your trunk weighted down naturally.)

1-Day tuna trip

One day trips are also a hoot and an excellent option for those who desire a shorter trip. These trips depart the marina about 3AM and will return to port at about 5PM on the same day. Definitely check with the office a day or two prior to your trip for any possible adjustments to the departure time. Come on, grab some buddies and head for the blue water for some crazy fun action on those exciting 'Silver Bullets' !

Fishing Season: August through September.

2016 Prices:
2 Day Standard - Total Cost $600 includes tax, bait, and gear.
1 Day Standard - Total Cost $430 includes tax, bait, and gear.
Pre-payment required prior to trip.

*Tuna filet fee $4.00 each

Scheduling: All tuna trips require large amounts of planning (for all involved) so we recommend that you make your reservations as far ahead of time as possible. Each participating tuna vessel has a departure schedule which is generally set in the Spring and is available upon request after that. Contact Westport Charters for individual vessel schedules.

Payments/Cancellation Policy :
Albacore tuna trips require prepayment prior to the fishing date. Check with office for timing of this. Cancellations are non-refundable unless your spot can be filled.

If there is no trip due to weather, a full refund will be given.

Food/Beverages: We recommend that you bring food on the simple side. For example: fried chicken, sandwich material, chips, cookies, fruit, pre-made casseroles, salads, and maybe rolls or doughnuts for breakfast. All the vessels are equipped with stoves and/or microwave ovens for heating hot meals too. Also bring pop, juice, milk, or other thirst quenchers. We have zero-tolerance for hard liquor and illegal drugs, and don't allow excessive amounts of gusto! Please respect this policy. We provide coffee around the clock. Please leave the jumbo coolers in your vehicle. Small food coolers only please.

Sleeping: On 2-day trips, each vessel has sleeping space for their maximum number of anglers.

The Fishing: Generally 3 or 4 artificial "Tuna Jigs" are trolled on the surface at about 6 or 7 knots. When a tuna "Hook Up!" occurs (or multiple "Hook Ups") we chum the water with live anchovies. As the boat comes to rest, the beginning of what we call a "Bait Stop" begins. This is when it can get crazy. We love crazy! If you have gone before, you know what we're talking about! As the boat stops, anyone who is not reeling in a jig fish will fish with live anchovies, similar to salmon fishing, but minus the sinker. It's just you against the fish. The beautiful clear blue water allows you to see your catch more than 50 feet below. There's so much more to tell but you have to experience it for yourself.

The Catch: Because your tuna are very valuable, we place a high priority on quality control! When your tuna come onboard, they are quicikly bled, and after a short time of expelling, they are iced and placed in the vessel's fish hold or insulated totes. An ample supply of fresh ice is always onboard to maintain a quality product (very important). On the trip home your fish will be filleted ($4.00 each) or if you prefer leave them whole. We recommend having your catch filleted and taking home the loins for fresh tablefare and also home canning. Home canning produces excellent quality fish. Although a good catch would be three to five fish per person (20 pound average), it is common to exceed this amount with favorable weather and fishing conditions.

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