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Great Catching at Westport Charters.
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Deposit / Cancellation Policy: A deposit is required for each trip when placing your reservation. For the deposit to be refunded, the following notice must be given: 21 days notice required for Salmon, Combo, and Bottomfish trips. Halibut and Tuna trips require prepayment and are non-refundable unless your spot can be filled. Anyone who shows up intoxicated will not be allowed to go fishing, and they will not be given a refund. No exceptions.

Rockfish and Ling Cod
Opening Day for Rockfish and Ling Cod is Saturday March 12th, 2016.

Our traditional bottomfish trip is still the favorite for most. With a 10 fish limit, action on the Black or Yellowtail Rockfish gets fast and furious. This is an all ages event, never a dull moment! In addition to the rockfish, we are also allowed to keep 2 Ling Cod per person. Ling Cod are ugly, but mmm... they taste so good! Herring, shrimp fly lures, and live anchovies are the proven "fish getters" year after year. GET THE FRY PAN HOT! WE'RE GOIN' FISHIN'! (No Braided Line please if you bring your own rod/reel)

2016 Costs: $135 includes bait, tax and gear. Beginning June 18th: $140 during the week, $150 Weekends.
Check-In Time 6:00 AM.

Toll Free 1-800-562-0157.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon season will be announced in April.

This is the foundation trip that put Westport on the map as early as the 1950's. Salmon are one of the most exciting sport fish known to man, and they are all the rage at Westport Charters. Ocean caught Salmon are not just beautiful to look at, they are awesome to catch and also second to none if you desire flavor! A Salmon fresh from the sea, prepared with your special recipe, will have your taste buds dancing and anxious for your next trip to Westport. Chinook and Coho salmon (nicknamed Kings and Silvers) will be the top prize for anglers fishing at Westport next summer. (No Braided Line please if you bring your own rod/reel)

2016 Costs: Weekdays - $140 includes bait, tax and gear.
Weekends - $150 includes bait, tax and gear.
Check-In time 5:30 AM (6:00 AM after Labor Day)

Toll Free 1-800-562-0157.
Combination Trip

Can't decide whether to salmon or bottom fish this season? Our combination salmon/bottomfish trip just might interest you. As the name implies, we combine a bottomfish trip with a salmon trip on the same day. They work great for people with busy lives who might only have one chance a year to come to Westport. If you love the taste of fresh whitefish fillets, but desire the thrill of a "Big King" on your line and can't decide, our combination trip is for you! We get to catch a lot of fish on this trip, so we scoot the departure time just a little bit earlier. Sorry sleepyheads. For more information and selected dates on combo trips, give us a call. HAVE FUN!! (No Braided Line please if you bring your own rod/reel)

2016 Costs: Weekdays - $200 includes bait, tax and gear.
Weekends - $215 includes bait, tax and gear.
Check-In Time 5:00 AM

Toll Free 1-800-562-0157.
Halibut / Bonus Trip
Halibut opens Sunday, May 1st 2016.

This is a physically demanding trip, but extremely popular with the adventurous. Fishing depths range up to 700 feet, and we generally travel out 35 miles. We depart by 4:30 AM sharp and return back to port between 3 and 5PM. Regulations restrict Halibut fishing to 2 days per week (Sundays and Tuesdays) until the quota is reached. Rockfish and or Ling Cod are also pursued as a secondary target when time and weather permit. These additional fish make a great Bonus to an already exciting trip! Remember, space is limited, so to avoid disapointment, book early.

2016 Costs: $295 includes bait, tax, and gear
Check-In time: 4:00 AM
Toll Free 1-800-562-0157.
Albacore Tuna

This fishery is fast becoming the Washington Coast and Westport's most popular fishing trip! It's no wonder too as massive schools of Albacore tuna move right into our area and provide for a thrilling fishing experience. An angler's dream comes true. Pound for pound, these are hands down the hardest fighting fish available to our coastal fishers. Our primary Tuna opportunity occurs in August and September.

We need to tell you more, so we have given the 'Silver Bullets' a page of their own. Click for details.
Toll Free 1-800-562-0157.

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