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The Hula Girl CrewWanna have a blast? Wanna relax? Wanna catch fish? (Yeah, that’s what you really want!) All aboard! It's time to get out on the ocean! The crew of the Hula Girl is ready to go fishing, and you're invited to join us. Come on out here to Westport and catch a great time. This is very much a family operation. Let's start with the youngest member of our crew, Lily. Lily was born in August of 2012 and loves to come visit her Daddy (Jason) when the boat gets in. Cooper is next in line and was born May 2011. While he is really into the fishing stuff, his most recent passion is becoming the 'Garbage Man'. Cooper will be starting kindergarten in September of 2016 here in Westport! Now let's talk about Mom and Dad which would be Jason and Shawndra. Jason and Shawndra met on the back deck of the Hula Girl in 2005 and were instantly hooked on each other. They have been married for seven great fishing seasons, and look forward to many more to come. Talk about the catch of a lifetime!!! Jason has been working on the boat since he was 10 years old, and can't imagine a life that doesn't involve filleting LARGE quantities of fish. Moving on to Gramma Kelly and Captain Grandpa!! Captain Steve has been fishing since he was 8 years old, and is definitely a life-long Captain. Kelly can be found running the show at Westport Charters, like she always has! While their love for the ocean runs DEEP, it's no match for their now 5 Grandchildren! With any luck one of them might even be the next Captain of the Hula Girl; which brings us to our most seasoned member, Great Grandpa Capt. Jack!! Jack operated the first Hula Girl way back in 1962. Jack no longer comes out on the boat, but he can be seen frequently when the boat gets in!! It's easy to see from our little story here that the Saltwater just gets in your blood and travels down the lines into our children. We look forward to making new memories and traditions with everybody aboard the Hula Girl!!  
About the boat: This is actually the third Hula Girl. As we updated over the years we just renamed the vessel to Hula Girl. She’s a modern 50 foot fiberglass twin screw with plenty of ponies (Deere) to get us there. During the winter of 08-09 the Hula Girl was completely refitted with brand new John Deere engines – smooth running and very quiet with a cruising speed of 16 knots. You can feel comfortable and confident to know you’re riding on the most up to date technology available in the marine industry. The Hula Girl is also sporting a new exterior paint job and brand new upholstery. She also has state of the art electronics which are the fish’s worst nightmare! On Salmon and Bottom fish trips she accommodates 22 fishers and on halibut trips about 18 passengers. The Hula Girl has 12 volt and 110 electricity throughout, a heated cabin and microwave oven for your convenience. There are also 2 designated heads available, one for the Gulls and one for the Buoys.

The Hula Girl specializes in trips offered through Westport Charters. Salmon, Halibut/Bonus, Rockfish and Ling Cod, and Combination Salmon/Bottomfish trip. All delicious eating fish and exciting to pursue. On the Hula Girl we love to have fun and the crew will always work especially hard for you. After all, in a business like this it's the customer referrals and repeat clients that keep us afloat! We Care! Come visit Jason and Steve. Let us help you make memories. FISH ON!

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